In the night of friday/saturday 25th May 2013 was when the dragons and its associates had been delt with and disarmed, i jesmion by the power of God had arrested the rest of the dragons and disarmed them, one of a branch of the dragon the ‘serpent’ had been disarmed also, as i jesmion went to the river and at the bank of the river i saw the serpent (physically) and i cut off its poisonous stinging tail by the stick scepter i was holding and let it go (spirituall) Reasons: deaths were too much and we been finding solution to eliminate deaths and its causes, in it we found many dragons and disarmed them, and removes the poisonous tails of the scorpions, centipede, serpents etc, ‘Welcoming you to ‘mhsc’ you are welcome to mhsc the acronym of ‘messaiah healing sabbath church’ it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the importance of acronym of ‘mhsc’ and its full meanings-‘messaiah healing sabbath church’ mhsc=messaiah healing sabbath church was approved, incorporated in 18th March 1986, the religious organization named: messaiah healing sabbath church = mhsc, was incorporated in March 18th 1986, through the MFCT during the regime of president Badamasi Babangida, by the honourable minister ‘JOHN NIMSI SHAGAYA’ welcoming you to ‘mhsc’ meaning: Messaiah Healing Sabbath Church, iam jesmion, God calls me ‘Samson, meaning: full brightness, my parent named me: chikwudi meaning: (God-exist), wife of my fathers (Nne-ada-eze) calls me: Nwadiogwa meaning: (A different son), the sisters of my fathers (Akude) calls me: ifeanyichikwu meaning: (nothing is impossible with God), then, i grew up and nicknamed myself: Jesmion, meanin: (Yashua mine), my name: (acronym) jsc meaning: (jesmion samson chikwudi), my other name ‘cin’ meaning: (chikwudi ifeanyi nwadiogwa), and my other name ‘jjj’ meaning: (jesmioin jehovah jireh), iam jehovah-jireh by the power of the Holy-spirit, in my spiritual war-fare, i met a man of dreadlock at rock surrounding area who introduced to me said: iam Argon, then, i jesmion introduced my self to him said: iam Jehovah-jireh, and from jehovah jireh, i added jesmion and it comes up to ‘ j j j ‘ = jjjireh = jesmion jehovah jireh, so you can know what is ‘jjjireh’ it just a name of jesmion in combination, if you see me or want to call me, simply call me: jjj or jjjireh, equal to : Jesmion-Jehovah-Jireh, some times you would want to call me: jsc equal to: Jesmion-Samson-Chikwudi, or some times you may like to call me: CIN equal to: Chikwudi-Ifeanyi-Nwadiogwa, ‘somebody in April 6th 2013, during my prayer hours, the somebody said: jesmion you should put yourself, family and those who requested for your prayers and not everybody, because everybody doesn’t belont to you, well, the person that said these was right, i would only pray for those who requested for my prayers, and not praying for those who didn’t need me and my prayers, but due to my position as prophet of God to the nations warranted me praying to the nations. So that, God which calls me prophet to the nations will like me more, and so, i jesmion put all nations of every colours, races, languages and geographical area in prayers only to please God which made i jesmion prophet to the nations and calls i said: Samson! Samson!! Prophet to the nations (onye-amuma mba nile) and base on these have i been praying for the nations, irrespective of colours, languages and and the area, so, if somebody would knew which is his/her duty and do it, i mean that the person have perfected, therefore, i jesmion, know my duty from God and i do my duties without waiting for any body to come to me as member of my sabbath-church before i would do my duties because i do my duties to please God which recruited me to the works iam doing, i’’ etc, ……. Jesmion


About jesmion

Welcome, iam jesmion samson chikwudi=jsc, from, Uruagu Umudioka, Dunukofia local government, Hebo, anambra, 'biafra' nigeria, somebody can also know me as: jesmion jehovah jireh=jjj=jjjireh=jjjezuah, (ng)
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  1. Jesmion says:

    Sincerely, there is no doubt in the Truth, the truth is a special creature which God the creator has created for every creature, and God it self loves the truth, why not love what God loves? Why did you love untruth? know you not that the untruth is an opposition to the Truth? Do you not know that Truth is a nice creature of God which obeying God, and untruth is the opposition? example: iam the ‘Jesmion’ but as some persons see my name, they began to forge it, some began forging names from my name as follow: jesmi, jesmon, jesmond, jesmi-On, jesmine etc, God know that these oppositions are wrongs, that they are words opposit, they are not of the truth, by the time i jesmion have invented ‘jesmion’ there was nothing like jesmion in the dictionary, and it was when i started using it in the ‘www’ and websites, and many internets that’s when people began seeing the name ‘JESMION’ but some began to steal it, and that was when ‘Jesmion’ began to have oppositions, just as untruth is an opposition to the Truth, why not abide by ‘Jesmion’ why not abide by the Truth? you like to create your own JESMION, for that you have created opposition, like: jesmond, jesmi-0n, jesmine, jesmi, why not stand by Jesmion a son of the living God, why not stand by the Truth which God hath created, why did you like to create Untruth? …….

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